About Us

Reignite Hope Philippines is a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 in partnership with Reignite Hope (US), a successful ministry that focuses on Spirit-led development of skills and character in the people it serves.

This model is a a perfect fit for the Philippines, the 13th most populated country in the world with 108 million people, where the average person earns $6.50 per day.

Sadly, 25 million people make less than $0.75 per day.

Government resources are stretched too thin. Economic development isn’t keeping pace with growing needs. People are yearning for spiritual nourishment.

All of these problems seem unrelated to the casual observer, but we think they’re connected, and God is using us to step into the breach to do something about it.

Our Founder

Since becoming a Christian in 1992 in California, Gary Guerrero knew that one day he would serve Jesus in the Philippines.

His business experience and technical background have equipped him for this unique calling.

Even though his work is only beginning, with God’s help, along with a talented team of people working by his side, his work has already been fruitful beyond expectations.

Our Vision

Equip individuals with sustainable life skills training to help transform families and communities in programs that are firmly rooted by the good news of the Gospel.

Our Strategy

Current activities are centered around our main facility in the city of Cebu. From our presence in the city center, we’re able to reach out into the community to serve various needs.

Expand Access to the Training Development Center

Our Training Development Center focuses on equipping individuals with the life skills and professional skills needed for them to succeed. We supplement this effort with proper coaching and mentoring to increase their odds of success in the marketplace.

Serve the Local Community

We create opportunities for the individual to use their life skills and training to make profitable, sustainable income that will:


Provide options for an individual to relocate.


Support their families.


Improve health.


Allow them to become marketplace ministers.


Stop the cycle of poverty.


Instill confidence to pursue their callings.

Lead with Kingdom Values

Our ministry is modeled after Acts 18, where Paul inspires us to use our talents and skills to cultivate relationships, promote healthy lifestyles, and restore broken communities in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul used his vocational skills to support himself and to be a blessing to the community. Therefore, whether you’re preaching the gospel or working to earn money, both serve as a witness and ministry for the Lord.

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Reignite Hope Philippines is a registered 501c3. Click here to support our work.